Build your own Perfect Pantry!

Confident home cooks know that the secret to effortless cooking lies in preparation. In order to seem spontaneous and just dash off a full meal from seemingly nothing, you need to have a well-stocked pantry.

Little Lessons for Big Flavor

Like so many of us, you probably have quite a few things in your cupboard that you bought once for a recipe and have never even thought of again. In this class, we'll offer our take on the wide world of spices, advise on vinegars, and break down the best fats and oils to use for cooking.

Plus, we've included a few master recipes to get you practicing in the kitchen!

Chef Ayla with the book Vinegar Revival
Hearty bowl of lentils with yogurt, dill and parsley, ringed by an assortment of spices in jars

Simple Dishes with Lots of Flavor

Are you limited by bland flavor?

Are you afraid of salt?

What's the deal with white pepper, anyway?

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Key ingredients to vastly improve your food

In this pantry overview, Chef Ayla Walter will outline key ingredients that will significantly improve the way you cook, and the way you approach cooking.